A headless chicken lived for 18 months!

31 juillet 2013 | Dans Animals, Humor, Medicine

A headless chicken lived for 18 months!

It was on September 10, 1945 when this incredible story took place in Colorado in the United States inside the « Lloyd Olsen. » farm.

The farmer has voluntarily cut off the head of a chicken named « Mike » from a higher position than normal to get a nice piece of meat but the axe deviated slightly leaving the jugular vein, an ear and the brain stem intact in addition to a clot which prevented the chicken from bleeding to death, this enabled it to survive without its head to the biggest surprise of the farmer. The feeling of surprise ebbed away, the owner began to feed it by pouring milk and water with a pipette directly into the esophagus.

« Mike » had never been as delicious as it became as it turned into an intriguing exhibition creature which had brought in 4,500 dollars a month to the « Olsen » family until it suffocated after 18 months.

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