Cockroaches can live for several weeks without a head!

13 novembre 2014 | Dans Animals, Biology, Nature, Science
Cockroaches can live for several weeks without a head!

Cockroaches do not breathe through their heads, these insects breathe through spiracles (small holes in the chest and abdomen), which provide oxygen to every cell of their body through a set of tubes called trachea.

Additionally, cockroaches don’t have high blood pressure like mammals, they have an open circulatory system that does not result in uncontrolled bleeding in case of decapitation.

Aside from that, cockroaches can live without a brain thanks to nodes which are nerve cells spread throughout their bodies, which are capable of performing the basic nervous functions allowing them to react to touching and to stand on their legs and move.

However, after decapitation, cockroaches will not be able to eat or drink, which will cause their death several weeks after, in fact, these insects can survive without food for a whole month.

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