Sloths defecate only once a week !

17 novembre 2014 | Dans Animals, Biology, Nature
Sloths defecate only once a week!

One of the greatest mysteries of the rainforest is the Sloths’ habit of defecating. Indeed, these mammals live on the trees and go down once a week to relieve themselves.

Sloths rarely leave their trees, because they are safe places that allow them to protect themselves from predators. Moreover, these animals, as their name indicates, consume very little food and energy. They move so rarely that fungi and algae grow on their fur. That is why they need to defecate only once a week. But why do it on the ground?

The tree leaves that Sloths eat do not contain a lot of calories and nutrients. When Sloths defecate on the ground, butterflies take the opportunity to lay their eggs on the droppings, which is also profitable for sloths since butterflies, somehow, feed the algae in their fur, which allows these mammals to supplement their diet.

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