Cats can be allergic to humans!

23 décembre 2013 | Dans Animals, Biology, Science
Cats can be allergic to humans!

We all know the problems that allergy to cats can cause like coughing, wheezing, rash on the chest or face, itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing … For people suffering from this allergy, avoiding the source the problem, in this case, cats, will make them feel better. But here we are talking about cats which are allergic to humans.

Humans are not actually allergic to cats themselves, but to cat secretions, saliva, urine and pieces of dead skin. That is why this allergy can work the other way too. In fact, cats can be allergic to human skin cells, dandruff or even to the smoke of cigarettes .

Humans lose skin at an amazing rate, replacing the skin’s outer layer almost every day, this means that a house’s dust is composed primarily of dry, dead human skin that a cat inspires regularly and that can cause allergy.

Scientific studies have shown that 0.5% of cats suffer from allergies to humans, and in severe cases, this can lead to lung collapse and death.

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