Men fall in love faster than women!

2 juillet 2015 | Dans Entertainment, Society

A man seems to be more timid than a woman when it comes to confessing his love to his new partner. But according to a study in 2014, in general, a man feels that fuzzy feeling faster than a woman.

According to statistics, women tend to say « I love you » three months earlier than men, but it is the man who succumbs to love before, with an average of two months after dating a woman.

The study focused on 2,000 adult men and women who had been in a couple relationship for at least one year. Most men have revealed that it took them up to three months to fall in love with their partners, while women have needed at least five months to experience the feeling of love for theirs.

Regarding the declaration of love, it is made during the sixth months of the relationship for women, while men’s true feelings are generally expressed after nine months.

However, to fall in love you have to find the right person and start by seducing her, and let’s be honest, seduction is usually a headache for men. Fortunately, Ladbrokeshas some tips that may be helpful to achieve your conquest 🙂

Men fall in love faster than women!
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